2.35 acres of waterfront property with 16x24 foot cabin for sale on Prince of Wales Island in the Tongass National Forest

Pulling shrimp pots

Arrow in above photo shows location of parcel and cabin. Pulling shrimp pots.


Here is your chance to own a southern facing 2.35 acre parcel with a cozy waterfront cabin in Whale Pass. This cabin is mere minutes away from great salmon and halibut fishing. Dungeness crab and shrimp are available right out front while Sitka Black tail deer frequent trails throughout the property.

navigational chart of the area

The unique location of this property makes it very special - it lies out around the corner from the majority of beachfront cabins at Whale Pass so you don't look across the bay at cabins but at wilderness. You can watch your crab and shrimp pots right from the cabin.

Breaching Humpback Whale

Observe a wide variety of wildlife on land and water right from the comfort of your living room - from seagulls and ravens dropping clams to break the shells to confrontations between eagles and otters. Deer have a path right in front of the cabin.

 southeast Alaska wolf/beach

Wolves sometimes travel the beach chasing their main food source the Blacktail deer.

This property is fully exposed to the southern sun. Our view looks across the bay at Thorne Island and other small islands and toward the north and south entrances to Whale Passage to the left and right. This pristine panorama is a great pleasure to behold and will probably never change since the land all around belongs to the State of Alaska and the Tongass National Forest.

view cabin from skiff

Cabin from the water.

There is a natural supply of seafood and fish available right in front of the property! We catch our year's supply of halibut, shrimp, dungeness and king crab, pink, coho and king salmon all within minutes of the property. All you need is a 16' skiff!

Fresh Caught King Salmon

Whale Pass is home to a fish hatchery that brings a strong run of coho salmon right past the front door, along with the pursuing halibut etc. Above, a nice king salmon from the bay out front.

landing large halibut.

Large halibut getting ready to gaff and bring aboard the skiff - within eye sight of the cabin.

Prawn Shrimp

Large prawns like this are hard to find, but if you work at it they are available

Much diverse wildlife can be seen right out the window - deer, bear, otter, mink, wolves (rarely), loons, old squaw, grebe, herons, geese, eagles, goldeneye, surf scoters, sea gulls, ravens, woodpeckers, owls, etc. Whales can be seen and heard swimming by as they spout water high in the air. Porpoises and sea lions are often observed. A hike on low tide reveals a multitude of starfish in amazing colors along with sea cucumbers, giant red urchin, limpets, chitons, anemones, various crabs and snails, edible seaweeds and more. We have hiked the beaches everyday and are constantly finding new and interesting discoveries.

Black bear walking the beach

Kayaking the shoreline you might come upon black bears - walking the beach looking for salmon at a creek mouth on low tide or searching under rocks for yummy bugs.


Opening up a remote, wooded parcel can be very hard work, not the least of which is where to live while you are building and how to get building materials to a site on the water.

Upstairs of the cabin for sale

The upstairs of the cabin has great view of the water from the bed. Flying squirrels can be heard running across the roof top at night in the summer.

living room-bathroom-cabin for sale

The living room and a part of the bathroom. This cabin is solidly well constructed and insulated. No particle board was used.

The foundation is sturdily built with 10"-14" diameter red cedar posts set on bedrock. Floor joists are 16" center full 2" x 8" rough-cut hemlock. The sub floor down stairs is insulated with foam board and sandwiched between 3/4" and 1/2" cdx tongue and groove plywood, making for a nice warm floor without the fiberglass insulation underneath the cabin for critters to get into.

On the first floor, wall studs are 16" on center of full, rough-cut 2" x 4" hemlock with 1/2" plywood inside and out. The double-pitched roof sports 16" centers of full, rough-cut 2" x 8" Sitka spruce. This is covered with 1" x 6" rough-cut hemlock roof boards on the outside and 1/2" cdx plywood on the inside, and well insulated.

storage room-cabin for sale

The 8x16 foot side porch has lots of room for storage along with the 12 battery 12 volt bank and a 2800 watt Trace inverter-charging system for all your electrical needs. This system with the Honda 2000 watt inverter generator is way cheaper than being on the grid with the local utility company. Not to mention NO POWER OUTAGES or SPIKES in power which WILL blow out your electronics in the cabin.


Above is a video of traveling to the cabin in Whale Pass in a 16 foot skiff

Waterfront cabin in Whale Pass, Alaska

The new metal roof was finally put on in April 2012. The asphalt rolled roofing was only a temporary waterproof roof.

Main cabin is 16x24 feet with a side porch that is 8x16 foot and a front porch that is 8x24 feet. The front porch was built to be used as a heated solarium for gardening. Easy to heat. Floor, ceiling, and short walls are insulated.

To make the place look better and more plush a few things are needed. Finish painting the inside, put trim on the windows and siding on the outside. Build a strong foundation for the 1550 gallon plastic water tank (materials for floor and water tank are on site), hook up the shallow well pump to the tank and to the plumbing in the cabin (cabin is plumbed for hot and cold water) and you'll have all the comforts needed to live out in this great place. Or just hookup the waterline directly and you'll have water in the cabin very easily. That is what we have been doing.

Good flowing water on the property

The good-flowing small creek on the parcel could provide some hydro-electricity for the battery bank along with providing household water. Most everyone else uses water catchment off their roofs. We have 650' of 1 1/2" plastic pipe to an elevation of roughly 100' for our water, which gives it some great water pressure. This climate is a temperate rainforest, so there is usually lots of rain, but not all parcels have good flowing water. Here we have plenty of water to supply a greenhouse and solarium plants along with daily use. Raised beds are in, but greenhouse is gone.

Here is a short clip with video and pictures of this great area. Enjoy.

This parcel, one of the better waterfront lots, has 2.35 acres, a nice, gravel/small rock beach. It has very usable, gently-sloping terrain over the entire acreage.


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$150,000 cash Possible owner finance with large down and short terms.

Very reasonably priced for waterfront real estate in this area!

Give us a call or e-mail; 907-828-3439 remember Alaska time.

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